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in recently created a hubbub of ancient ruins …’ 1210th chapter ancient ruins
‘ancient ruins,Tiffany Outlet?’
Wen Yan, Xiao Yan first hesitated, eyes immediately turned and shoved the elders that were open, quickly said: ‘? there soul duo infants message’
‘This is where you come in the news?’ The wind is also some Venerable Elders looked stunned to see him this look,Tiffany Outlet, seems unaware of this.
that were elders smiled and said: ‘The wind Gezhu, ancient ruins things, lately I have always been responsible, according to today’s news footage back, that the ancient ruins at the World of Warcraft has some family got into a break, but seems embarrassed while back, but according to some people who escaped oral, that among the ruins, has a strange thing, and physical characteristics very similar fruit infant soul, I guess,Tiffany Jewelry Outlet, the thing, it is the soul of infants should If you do not leave. ‘
‘If indeed the ancient infant soul thing, if say the ancient ruins now,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, the idea is not too big too strange.’ Wind Venerable some excitement, rubbing his hands together and said: ‘You’re a lucky star Xiao Yan, We are searching for a year with no result, and now you chase just came out, and so the good news is that it brought to the door to … » Do not get too excited. ‘
old drugs down and no wind Holiness is so optimistic, muses: ‘Today this ancient ruins attracted many mainland and strong forces, but there is within the domain of the beast, which come from what baby wants to be What is not an easy task, when the ancient ruins that once,Tiffany Jewelry Outlet, but bloody killing,Tiffany Outlet, fighting cases, fighting strong respect do not know how many fall — ‘
heard, wind Venerable poison is dignified colorSome, he experienced the year contention that ancient track compliance, naturally know the kind of contention is how tragic and cruel.