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not neglect that shadow, after the fight, she understood quite strange vindictive former, once invade the body, certainly is no small trouble, and now she had this injured, if then suffered a torn, then fear is really only one way of retreat.
mind the idea of ​​spinning,Coach Outlet Store Online, shadow people also Jitui pace, after a moment, finally is no turning back,Coach Outlet, both hands together,Coach Factory Outlet, lightning and India bear a strange decision.
‘Duopo’ ‘
a shadow person Lenghe mouth spread since the ‘surge suddenly faint Lvmang Pushe,coach purses outlet, Xiao Yan’s body shining above in.
to cover in that LvmangWhen ‘Xiao Yan heart is a cold, purple-brown flame hastily wrapped the body,Coach Outlet Store, but even so, in that Lvmang exposure to the upper body, Xiao Yan Meng perceived soul eyebrows suddenly violently beat up, as if to Vitro out in general.
such a turn of events,Coach Factory Outlet, so that my heart was shocked Xiao Yan, quickly repressed soul, the kind of strange restlessness’ life and life’s pressing down.
‘good weird Yaofa »
though repressed soul, but Xiao Yan is this woman means to do some of these cold pan up, all these years, he can be considered experienced a lot of opponents, but never met so strange.
repressed soul, Xiao Yan Meng also severely hit his fist on the void in front of terror breeze through space, heavy shadows fell on top of the human body, but in that Yisha hit ‘the latter the body obviously has a green light flashed ‘the sense of momentum built to withstand the most.
Xiao Yan Zhe Yiquan is quite heavy, so even if they are to withstand the most, and that the residual force ‘is still a shadow of the man that shook the rapid retreat, along the few beams are driven to burst open.
‘Dan ** will come out.’ ‘
punch Zhentui shadow people, Xiao Yan looking cold, hot pursuit on, hot Quanfeng general at the moment