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from soul, the kind of shrill sound dragon roar, the fact is shrill screams brought together many of the hair
‘dirty tricks!’
looked at the storm swept from the dark dragon eyes Weileng Kaoru children, Gang Yu shot, came behind him is an extremely fierce fierce fierce winds, do not look back but also know that the previous soul Li, another attack over.
facing two stars statue strength reaches eight strong, even smoked child,Cheap Jordans For Sale, Liu Mei is a slight tuft, toes a little ground, stature is swept off the roof, fingerprints changed, rich golden flames, suddenly self Putian lamb to the body out of the storm surge, and then there are about one hundred meters into a full flame giant hand, one is black dragon painted on the TV drama caught in the past.
‘bang’ …
golden flame giant hand grabbed the heavy black paint flames, terror temperatures, so too is directly connected to the screams of those souls are not issued,, that is, into a nothingness!
‘laugh!’ Black Dragon
shattered soul, fierce winds that is behind and to the moment, Kaoru children hand lightning never bear a stamp,cheap jordans for sale, and then went straight to the front is facing the boom of the past behind him.
‘boom’ …
two collided terror as storm winds swept the sky opened since generally, within a radius of Baizhang, that rich energy mist are thus become thin again, fog miscellaneous Mongolia’s vision is clear a lot of .
‘Well,’ …
breeze swept between the soul that issued a severe throat Menheng the sound of marching feet Deng Deng void Jitui, hideous face covered with scars,cheap jordan shoes, also surfaced faint pale. ║ small Π Although Li
But this soul is Zhentui,, but the pace Kaoru children,Cheap Jordans Outlet, but also by its shook back a half step above the hand, has a subtle sense of numbness, that the soul of Li, apparently is nothing simple stuff, Otherwise,