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these words, Xiao Yan heart is fretting,Coach Outlet Online, five from the fire law but to order advanced fighting skills, the power of natural Needless to say,Coach Outlet Store, but it is quite cumbersome manipulation, Hsiao-yen’s strength before, only Kankan gather the spiritual fire wolf impossible composition formation, I do not know now fighting to break through to the cases they are able to gather a few fire spirit — if able to cobble together a five-count, then, can this just five rounds from the fire power of the law The real show out.
course, Xiao Yan heart is also clear that only five little while — spirit among the condensate is made with four different fire, and that the final composition of the five rounds from the fire front, just five rounds from the fire can this power law show to the peak point, but that step is to wait until maybe three thousand Xiao Yan Yan Yan will get their hands after the fire,Coach Bags On Sale, just be able to reach. ‘
‘Please be assured Mr. Yao, five from the fire method,Coach Outlet Store, but your old housekeeping skills, kid nature is not easily left behind.’
think that the peak power point when, Xiao Yan heart also help some hot,Coach Outlet Online, in the hearts of low chuckle.
‘the old lady did not bang you,Coach Factory Outlet, in the past, I have five rounds from the fire can be considered a reputed French mainland, but unfortunately, today’s grudge continent, does not seem to know the name of the first lady.’ ‘Skyfire Venerable tone also has a faint points of pride, then he is clearly in this grudge mainland, is also a prominent figure.
Xiao Yan smiled, fighting to become strong respect, which is not a prominent figure, so the day of the fire Venerable this — if he’d no doubt.
mind after talking for a while with Skyfire Venerable post, Xiao Yan is jump from above the couch, got about himself, and then facing the outside of the room

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Zi forthcoming three-door when yellow robe old man suddenly out of channels.
‘Thank reminder.’ ‘Far sentence came a faint voice, Xiao Yan trio is soon disappeared into the hole in the shadow of the city. Xiao Yan looked
trio disappeared back. Old yellow robe slightly narrowed eyes, immediately attracted a retinue waved and whispered:. ‘This business of the people were to go inside,Coach Outlet, and report elder, so strength, nationality nationality can not be nobodies,Coach Outlet Online, and now Black King City complex situation, can not go wrong ._ ‘
‘Yes!’ That’s followers Gong Sheng replied, spin around and leave feet.
slightly amused old eyes, yellow robe old tobacco stems pat palms,Coach Outlet Online, mouth muttering.
‘rock owl Noire -,Coach Outlet Store Online? within the domain does not seem so strong imperial struggle One young ah..’
Hey, this guy really is quite mysterious. Kui wolves that try to let the water to help it. » One thousand seven hundred and ninetieth chapters drug Square
a little bit out of lineDark gates channels glare of the sun poured down from the sky, the sound of noisy bustling again like magic sound in general, perfusion ear,coach bags outlet sale, so Xiao Yan frown.
emblem slowly raised his eyes squint, looked great in front of the crowded inner city as well as on the wide streets and from the crowd, but also could not help marveling at Xiao Yan soon, this black imperial scale, non 比加玛small empire empire, even from one side, here, even Gama empire than the empire is not, after all have something here, empire, but never have the slightest.
‘break up down going?’ a small medical cents nudge four eyes,Coach Outlet Online, softly.
Xiao Yan little thought, immediately said: ‘go to the city to see several large medicine shop, within the domain of Pointe Noire, with a lot less of the outside world quite rare medicinal herbs, if you are lucky, might be able

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and this, such as courage, even the old lady, but also had praise ah, -‘
Baotui Xiao Yan stature,Coach Outlet, a laughter, but also suddenly resounded in the hall of the sky, and soon,Coach Outlet Store Online, Xiao Yan back that piece of space,Coach Outlet Store, a sudden burst of distortion -, into a piece of invisible barrier. » Laugh! ‘
feeling behind the barrier formed, Xiao Yan looking for drastic changes, one step foot ground, forced to live stature gather in harvest, after fierce accommodate the rise, and saw too that filled the air with black chains, an old man dressed in gray clothes , being a foot shop chain, smiling, looking at them.
‘This person actually is an honor to make?’ At first glance, Xiao Yan suddenly my heart sank, his worst fears have gone there, fed the soul of the house and keep strong here,Coach Bags On Sale, not only on the five intelligence Respect. » Reaching for the Stars Laogui? You actually are here? ‘The old man looked at the old drugs, looking emblem also changed, Chen Sheng said.
‘Oh, Dianzhu you quite seriously,Coach Outlet Online, so also will I send over, but you’ll never find it.’ The old man is called stardom old devil, olive do smile, and then look to Xiao Yan, said: ‘And the old lady, but also intends to fish it out …’ ‘You know I want to come?’ Xiao history sneered.
‘just a matter of time.’ ‘Reaching for the Stars Laogui smiled and said:’ You are the big fish, Dianzhu for your interest, drug dust bigger than, of course, I mean the piece xiaojia ‘ key ‘that thing should also in your body, though not promoted killed your father, but now Xiao,Coach Outlet Store Online, most of promise is your’ key ‘in your body, it touches the most secure.
Xiao Yan heart emblem do flick, but it is the eyes gushed awe-inspiring intention to kill, these citrate offal soul of the house, almost all give all his loved ones hurt over and over! ‘Do not hands

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struggle, it is things fall into place! The only slight flaw
point is that this promotion is also not short of time it will take some seven hundred and twenty second chapter changes
seven hundred and twenty second chapter changes
among the mountains. The concept of time is quite vague,Cheap Coach, and that quiet valley,Coach Outlet Store, even more so. Xiao Yan
time from January retreat time has passed, but the valley is still not the slightest movement, joint TV drama Institute of huge purple light purple cocoon, is still in no hurry do not delay the release of the bright light, and no signs point to his breakthrough, and this, Medusa is quite helpless, she had some underestimate the huge energy Zheni Zi Zi research Bridging the need.
sitting cross-legged on top of the boulder, the US 杜莎玉 hands on his chin, his eyes on the light cocoon stay for a while, then that is involuntarily turned gravel that was filled with numerous caves, there is still not in Qiaode When the slightest movement could not help but sigh.
retreat after the third day of Xiao Yan, his breath is becoming looming up,Coach Outlet, but after a few days, the atmosphere is completely hidden, and even Medusa’s strength, only in full facilities for the next , just be able to feel faint breath of the valley that if fine silk. She knew now Xiao Yan has been in the peak of the fighting to the imperial struggle Wang Jin into the track of, and so their breath when it really disappearWhen, that is, when he was promoted to the strong success of the imperial struggle.
‘Well, these two guys,Coach Outlet Online, really weary ah’ helpless sigh, Medusa also had to recover sight, then slowly closed his eyes, but also into the state of that practice, this boring waiting and guardian,Coach Outlet, she can use the practice to pass the time, otherwise,Coach Outlet Store, can really be a test of patience a little too up.

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not neglect that shadow, after the fight, she understood quite strange vindictive former, once invade the body, certainly is no small trouble, and now she had this injured, if then suffered a torn, then fear is really only one way of retreat.
mind the idea of ​​spinning,Coach Outlet Store Online, shadow people also Jitui pace, after a moment, finally is no turning back,Coach Outlet, both hands together,Coach Factory Outlet, lightning and India bear a strange decision.
‘Duopo’ ‘
a shadow person Lenghe mouth spread since the ‘surge suddenly faint Lvmang Pushe,coach purses outlet, Xiao Yan’s body shining above in.
to cover in that LvmangWhen ‘Xiao Yan heart is a cold, purple-brown flame hastily wrapped the body,Coach Outlet Store, but even so, in that Lvmang exposure to the upper body, Xiao Yan Meng perceived soul eyebrows suddenly violently beat up, as if to Vitro out in general.
such a turn of events,Coach Factory Outlet, so that my heart was shocked Xiao Yan, quickly repressed soul, the kind of strange restlessness’ life and life’s pressing down.
‘good weird Yaofa »
though repressed soul, but Xiao Yan is this woman means to do some of these cold pan up, all these years, he can be considered experienced a lot of opponents, but never met so strange.
repressed soul, Xiao Yan Meng also severely hit his fist on the void in front of terror breeze through space, heavy shadows fell on top of the human body, but in that Yisha hit ‘the latter the body obviously has a green light flashed ‘the sense of momentum built to withstand the most.
Xiao Yan Zhe Yiquan is quite heavy, so even if they are to withstand the most, and that the residual force ‘is still a shadow of the man that shook the rapid retreat, along the few beams are driven to burst open.
‘Dan ** will come out.’ ‘
punch Zhentui shadow people, Xiao Yan looking cold, hot pursuit on, hot Quanfeng general at the moment

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‘Oh, this is the star of stars fell Court meteorite large array, this is not a man-made a big fuss, but a natural formation, ‘the wind of His Holiness smiled, a jade appear in their hands, and then every now and then out of, a Astral bizarre tales from diffuse out ‘light to expand, in front of the space is actually gradually twisted up’ last in a small medical cents and the man in the eyes of astonishment ‘form a space for the door.
‘Come on, there, is the headquarters of the stars fell Court,’ the wind of His Holiness smiled, the first line of the foot patch of space door ‘Later, a small medical cents, who hesitated, ‘which is followed by enter,Coach Outlet Store, With everybody else is gone after entering that door again scattered in the invisible space
door into the space, a small medical cents, who only felt in front of a flower, in front of the world, but it is as if the passage of time in general, has changed suddenly, it was originally a vast expanse of woodlandsAt the moment but there has been a towering mountain walking, mountain top,coach purses outlet, some buildings can still be seen faintly between,Coach Outlet Store Online, and even hear the sound of some Chihe learn grips.
‘Here, strictly speaking,Coach Outlet Store Online, in fact, is a place built by the star power of a meteorite from space, Oh, of course, this can not be compared to the kind of huge space and build strong holy struggle, the area where the ‘just a city with almost ‘Venerable wind laughed:’ but because it is made of natural, where hidden high,Coach Outlet, even respect for the strong fighting since flying, are difficult to detect subtleties here. »
small medical cents, who heard also amazed, only purple research write a write-mouth, when she first saw here on the outside, that is,Coach Outlet, to know where otherwise mysterious’ Of course, this ability, the presence of it She has just one person.

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with a small medical cents Xiao Yan fight between off, the two eyes of a turn, we prove that the body is suspended sky, the whole body is overshadowed by Han Feng Mist. ‘ Han Feng
the moment,Tiffany Outlet, seems to have gradually received Xuan Custodian of soul force,Cheap Tiffany Jewelry, which led to his strength to complete a leap like progress in a very short period of time, feeling the body flowing surging power of his mind for the small medical cents That fear is silk vanished, replaced by a sense of awe-inspiring indelible intention to kill.
Han Feng suspended sky, under the blanket of darkness around it overwhelming backdrop, like climb out of the devil from hell in general, denounced evil filled with cold intended. ‘
small medical cents Lianbuqingyi,Tiffany Jewelry Outlet, marching void, slowly forward a few steps, a Unit of majestic gray grudge from the body, such as flood roared out, circling in their whole body, a trace of very light smell looming emerge strongly corrosive power inherent in being vindictive poison, so that was all the air came the strange bursts of acid intended.
looked to stand a small medical cents, Xiao Yan is Qingtu breath, eyes blank Han Feng looked at, and then slowly back, and with his back room,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, Firelight Qinglian, fall heart inflammation Even that bone Hay cold fire. ‘Is quietly emerging.’
‘Well!’ Xiao Yan
see the whole body of two flower different fire, Han Feng also understand what he wants to do, the moment Lengheng, hum under forceful grudge wrapped like a real quick-like spread out along the way over, space a slight concussion up.
small medical cents gray and purple indifferent eyes passing touch of color,Tiffany Jewelry Outlet, real estate broker wave, shrouded in gray grudge emotion swept the whole body is moving,Tiffany Co Outlet Store Online, forming a huge grudge curtain on its front.
sound waves spread from the final impact rumbling

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reckless waste field, but people usually live here is not much, but also because reckless waste fierce ancient domain name that reason, as well as few people come here, therefore, this town, almost deserted all year round,Tiffany & Co Outlet, but now it is different, Bodhi trees are born, move attracted numerous crowd, which directly led to this desolate town, it suddenly became extremely popular, noisy sound , separated by a few miles away were able to hear vague. The first stop
Hsiao go far,Tiffany Co Outlet Store Online, and it is the town called reckless waste of the town, they later, I fear, are some of the first to get here and reckless waste ancient domain-related information, otherwise, the same as the blind chaos rushed then, is absolutely ominous fate.
Thus, after arriving reckless waste town,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, Xiao Yan first small medical cents to settle slightly and others, then that is going out to collect intelligence, about two childhood ‘just once more with the color scales and others converge.
‘how the child?’ Xiao Yan’s face ‘color scales could not be seen again asked
‘Oh,’ Xiao Yan sigh a sigh,Tiffany Co Outlet Store Online, fingers rubbed his forehead, said: ‘According to inquire from the intelligence that a group of previously entered reckless waste ancient domainSeems to have all died, that being, there is a strong level of respect for some bucket …… ‘
Xiao Yan hear the remark, color scales, who is also some discoloration, all dead? This ancient domain reckless waste, really fierce to the point?
‘how to do that?’ a small medical cents Weicu Dai Mei Road.
‘Tomorrow there will be some strong went into, we also followed the big force behind this reckless waste ancient domain, since humans known as off-limits,Tiffany Outlet, it is not necessarily what is good,Tiffany Outlet Store, the people who followed behind, the first observations about’ Xiao Yan finger Gently

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in recently created a hubbub of ancient ruins …’ 1210th chapter ancient ruins
‘ancient ruins,Tiffany Outlet?’
Wen Yan, Xiao Yan first hesitated, eyes immediately turned and shoved the elders that were open, quickly said: ‘? there soul duo infants message’
‘This is where you come in the news?’ The wind is also some Venerable Elders looked stunned to see him this look,Tiffany Outlet, seems unaware of this.
that were elders smiled and said: ‘The wind Gezhu, ancient ruins things, lately I have always been responsible, according to today’s news footage back, that the ancient ruins at the World of Warcraft has some family got into a break, but seems embarrassed while back, but according to some people who escaped oral, that among the ruins, has a strange thing, and physical characteristics very similar fruit infant soul, I guess,Tiffany Jewelry Outlet, the thing, it is the soul of infants should If you do not leave. ‘
‘If indeed the ancient infant soul thing, if say the ancient ruins now,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, the idea is not too big too strange.’ Wind Venerable some excitement, rubbing his hands together and said: ‘You’re a lucky star Xiao Yan, We are searching for a year with no result, and now you chase just came out, and so the good news is that it brought to the door to … » Do not get too excited. ‘
old drugs down and no wind Holiness is so optimistic, muses: ‘Today this ancient ruins attracted many mainland and strong forces, but there is within the domain of the beast, which come from what baby wants to be What is not an easy task, when the ancient ruins that once,Tiffany Jewelry Outlet, but bloody killing,Tiffany Outlet, fighting cases, fighting strong respect do not know how many fall — ‘
heard, wind Venerable poison is dignified colorSome, he experienced the year contention that ancient track compliance, naturally know the kind of contention is how tragic and cruel.

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also could not help but admire the eyes of old bone shrunk, some ugly looking. Speaking truth to be on than fighting words, ‘I am afraid that even the bear after the war turned, and are not necessarily able to defeat Mu old bones, but bears no concerns can try to fight the fight, but the old man was Mu bone
is not, he will have to participate in behind Dan ‘and Dan will get the championship, and then wait for an opportunity to snatch three thousand Yan Yan fire, if there is war and bear down their opponents, then what spare time to go and human race? Under this concern,Tiffany Outlet, so he can not really fight with the bear Sike recklessly, but if you do not
real hands if he could not beat the bear fight, this situation,Tiffany And Co Outlet, but added that he has made it into a loop anyway, can not juggle. Mu bone old mans eyes blinking rapidly. After a good long while, just a bite bitterly, eyes turned to the sky Yinhen Xiao Yan, cold shouted: » Xiao Yan, this will let you good luck,Tiffany Co Outlet Store Online, such as Dan
End ‘deity given to personally resolve you! » ‘fight is.’,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, Xiao Yan is Hanmang eyes flashing. sneered that time if it was three thousand and Yan Yan will be the refining fire, he is certainly not will be afraid of this old guy!
» Bi! ‘. Mu heard the elderly face a slightly smoked bone, turning it as soon Senleng tower stands on the mountain’s general war bears, palms clasped together extremely unwilling, after a moment. Finally, do not fruitless, Xiupao wave in deep space is slowly twisted ‘soon its stature of a move. ‘
swept into the distortion of space, disappear. » Xiao Yan, will your little life,Tiffany & Co Outlet, to keep the deity! . ‘Mu bones of the elderly, although the figure disappeared, but the cold Sheng. Still through space,Tiffany Co Outlet Store Online, sailed in this piece of the sky resounded reverberate.
Xiao Yan slightly narrowed eyes’